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Recent Publications


*Gonzales, M.M., Tarumi, T., Kaur, S., Nualnim, N., Fallow, B.A., Pyron, M., Tanaka, H., Haley, A.P. (2012) Aerobic Fitness & The Brain: Increased N-Acetyl-Aspartate and choline concentrations in endurance-trained middle-aged adults. Brain Topography. Aug 28. Epub ahead of print.

*Gonzales, M.M., Tarumi, T., Eagan, D.E., Tanaka, H., Vaghasia, M., Haley, A.P. (2012)  Indirect effects of elevated Body Mass Index on memory performance through altered cerebral metabolite concentrations. Psychosomatic Medicine, Sep;74(7):691-698.

Sweet, L.H., Hassenstab, J.J., McCaffery, J.M., Raynor, H.A., Bond, D.S., Demos, K.E., Haley, AP, Cohen, R.A., Del Parigi, A., Wing, R.R.  (2012). Brain response to food stimulation in obese, normal weight, and successful weight loss maintainers. Obesity, May 9. Epub ahead of print.

Haley, A.P., Gonzales, M.M., Tarumi, T., Tanaka, H. (2012). Subclinical vascular disease and cerebral glutamate elevation in Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Brain Disease, May 3. Epub ahead of print.

Eagan, D., Gonzales, M.M., Tarumi, T., Tanaka, H., Stautberg, S., Haley, A.P. (2012). Elevated serum C-reactive protein relates to increased cerebral myo-Inositol levels in middle-aged adults. Cardiovascular Psychiatry and Neurology, Feb 22. Epub ahead of print.

Hassenstab, J.J., Sweet, L.H., Del Parigi, A., McCaffery, J.M., Haley, A.P., Demos, K.E., Cohen, R.A., Wing, R.R. (2012) Cortical thickness of the cognitive control network in obesity and successful weight loss maintenance: A preliminary MRI study. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 202(1):77-79.


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Haley, A.P., Gonzales, M.M., Tarumi, T., Miles, S., Goudarzi, K., Tanaka, H.  (2010) Elevated cerebral glutamate and myo-inositol levels in cognitively normal middle-aged adults with Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Brain Disease, 25(4), 397-405.

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Updated 19 March 2013
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