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Faculty Photos Listed by Area

(Updated 7 December 2011)

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Social & Personality:

Bob JosephsBob Josephs

Bob Josephs and Bill SwannBob Josephs & Bill Swann

James Pennebaker 1975James Pennebaker 1975

Bill SwannBill Swann

Swann, Henderson, Gosling, Pennebaker, Beer, Josephs

Social Psychology Area Meeting

Individual Differences & Evolutionary Psychology:

Del Thiessen
Del Thiessen

David Buss
David Buss

Bob Helmreich
Bob Helmreich


Les CohenLes Cohen (retired)

Legare, Woolley, Bigler, Langlois
from left: Cristine Legare, Jacqui Woolley,
Becky Bigler, Judy Langlois


Ira Iscoe
Ira Iscoe (retired)

Mike Telch and Lee Willerman
Mike Telch & Lee Willerman

Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez

Behavioral Neuroscience

Abe Amsel
Abe Amsel
d. 2006

Jan Bruell
Jan Bruell
d. 1997

walt wilczynskiWalt Wilczynski

Cognitive Systems

Perceptual Systems

Updated 24 May 2012
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