Postdoctoral Researchers

Jason Shumake


Graduate Students

Carolyn Jones

Carolyn received her BSE in biomedical engineering and BS in psychology from Duke University. While an undergraduate student, she researched protein misfolding and neurodegeneration in the protein biogenesis section at the Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch of the National Institutes of Health. She is currently a third year graduate student in behavioral neuroscience.

Rheall Roquet

Allison Auchter (Adviser: Dr. Gonzalez-Lima)

Principal Investigator

Marie-H. Monfils

Monfils Fear Memory Lab

Undergraduate Students

John DeMis

John is an undergraduate working in our lab.  He is a biology major whose interest in fear and fear consolidation differences in subjects lead him to take part in our research.  He hopes to apply this knowledge to his proposed career in clinical research after he completes his undergraduate career and medical school.

Former students, postdocs, research associates

Stephanie Ringuet

Sarah Nordquist (Rotation student)

Dong-oh Seo

Bryan Song

Aleksandra K. Bruchey

Eimeira Padilla

Gwen Luecke

Collaborators/visiting students

Sam Gershman (from Niv lab, Princeton University)

Vincent Tedesco (from Chiamulera lab, University of Verona)