Concentrated on langauge acquistion and development in children, The Language Development Lab is within the Children's Research Lab. Our current research focuses on how children acquire the complexities of langauge and their understanding of it at different ages. Research goals include understanding how children and infants learn the meanings of words and structures of sentences. They explore questions such as how children’s cognitive development and social knowledge interacts with their language development. Language Development Laboratory is headed by Dr. Catharine Echols at the University of Texas at Austin.

There are a variety of projects and studies ongoing at this time. Interested students may apply to become part of the lab. We are also actively recruiting families with children from from infancy to twelve years old to participate. Families interested in participating can fill out this form to get involved or contact Lydia, our lab coordinator for any questions.

Dr. Echols will be accepting graduate student applications for the fall of 2013.