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****We have sent invitations for the Fall 2014 prospective interview weekend. Thank you for your interest!****

2014 Self Regulation Lab

Welcome to Jennifer Beer's lab!  Our research focuses on:
    Emotion, Motivation
    Social Cognition, Person Perception, Impression Formation

In our lab at the University of Texas at Austin, we're interested in how these processes contribute to appropriate social functioning. For example, how do our motivations to see ourselves and other people in particular ways impact our decisions in social interactions? At the moment, the main areas of our current research are the neural basis of motivational influences on social construal and perceiving other people in  light of new information.
 To address these questions, we use:
    Behavioral methods
    Behavioral observation (e.g., FACS coding)
    Reaction times
    Self and peer-report

    Neuroscience methods
    Neuroimaging (fMRI)
    Patients with lesions